12 July 2013

Badges of Dishonour

Another chance find ... a bag of military badges ... and the opportunity to explore ways of reworking the relationship between textiles and objects.  Rather than approaching the badges as the textile in the equation, is it possible to make the 'textile' element function as the 'object'?

A series of quick stitched drawings, and a rummage around the studio for other similar remnants (wallpaper fragments, broken paper backed mirrors) and the beginnings of an idea began to emerge.

Work on Paper: found textile, paper, stitch  © Vanda Campbell 2013
Work on Paper: found mirror, broken scissors, paper,
crochet, stitch
  © Vanda Campbell 2013
Work on Paper: found wallpaper/plaster fragment, stitch, paper  © Vanda Campbell 2013

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